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2017-08-14, 19:11
Love Robin and the gang at CDM Computers. I am an artist that enjoys the benefits of technology but have no desire to know how it works. When I drive a car it needs to start on demand and take me where I want to go. Same with computers. Smart people know to spend their time doing what they love, so why spend hours trying to figure out what's wrong with your computer this week? With Robin's new membership service, whenever I have a problem, she and her team to the rescue. Thank you Robin.
2017-05-22, 00:00
This was my 3rd time going to CDM for help with my laptop issues, and each time they go out of their way to help me. This particular time, I was having issues with my internet connection at home. I am an old man that hardly knows the difference between my remote and my cell phone; the young lady was so helpful and even wrote down everything to say when I called Comcast after she had checked out the connections and informed me that it was not a problem with my computer but with my home wifi. She showed me very patiently that it was connecting with there connections at the store so it was a home connection issue, she went out of her way to show me what the router was and where to reset it and wrote down all the things Comcast might have me do. And even though it was clearly a user error she went ahead and updated my virus protection just to be safe. She even called me the next day to see how everything went with Comcast and if my Wifi was fixed. I love that store because when you call; you talk to a real person. When you go in the store; the employees are genuinely concerned and there to help with anything. I will continue to give them my business and my family’s because of that.